Live surgery

Recession coverage in the mandible

Anton Sculean, Switzerland

Learning Objectives
– To understand the clinical indications for treating single and multiple mandibular recessions.
– To highlight the biological rationale behind the various surgical techniques used for treating single and multiple mandibular recessions.
– To learn why, when and how to perform the laterally closed tunnel in isolated deep mandibular recessions.

The laterally closed tunnel (LCT) has been specifically designed to enable predictable coverage of deep isolated anterior mandibular recessions. The major advantage of this technique is the possibility to obtain tension-free mobilization of the soft tissues without any incisions of the papillae or of the flap and to optimize wound stability. The LCT presents specific advantages in areas with a thin phenotype associated with limited or no attached gingiva and presence of inserting fibers, where a coronal, tension-free advancement of the flap is extremely difficult. The biologically driven decision-making process and surgical technique will be demonstrated in a challenging clinical scenario involving a deep mandibular recession.

Anton Sculean has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.