Live surgery

Peri-implantitis surgery in the anterior zone

Andreas Stavropoulos, Sweden

Learning Objectives
– To understand the rationale of the various surgical approaches for the management of peri-implantitis
– To recognise when to use a resective approach.
– To recognise when to use a regenerative approach.
– To recognise when to use a combined approach.


A considerable proportion of patients with implants suffer from peri-implantitis, a major burden in everyday clinical practice. Peri-implantitis treatment is often complex and there are several factors that must be considered when deciding the most suitable treatment for each specific case.

Peri-implantitis treatment consists firstly of anti-infective, non-surgical measures, followed by in the majority of cases surgical – resective, reconstructive, or combined – interventions; and in some cases, the only remaining solution is to remove the implant.

During the live surgery the decision-making process for the treatment of this specific case will be demonstrated, either with a reconstructive or with a combined resective/reconstructive approach, and what to do to optimize the post-operative esthetics.

Andreas Stavropoulos has no relevant financial relationships to disclose.